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Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (NRES) is one of four primary research themes at UNBC: improving understanding of phenomena and processes related to the atmospheric sciences is a key component of this work. Our faculty are members of the university's NRES Institute, which seeks to promote inter-disciplinary studies spanning the physical environment, ecology, biology and the social sciences.

  • Dr Stephen Déry
    Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Northern Hydrometeorology
    Dr Déry's interests focus on the impacts of climate-change in the North, in both British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada, relating primarily to interactions between atmospheric and hydrological processes.
    • Office: 8-414
    • Phone: 250-960-5193
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  • Dr Peter Jackson
    Professor of Atmospheric Science
    Dr Jackson is a mesoscale meteorologist, with primary research interests relating to windflow and other atmospheric processes in complex landscapes, such as in mountainous terrain and along coastlines. His investigations are based on a combination of in situ and remote observations, as well as numerical simulations.

  • Dr Youmin Tang
    Professor, Canada Research Chair in Climate Prediction and Predictability
    Dr Tang's research seeks to develop innovative mathematical techniques and advanced numerical models to reduce uncertainties in climate predictions at seasonal to inter-annual ranges.

  • The full environmental science faculty list is available here.