Peter L. Jackson, PhD

Professor of Atmospheric Science
Environmental Science & Engineering Programs
Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Institute
University of Northern British Columbia
Prince George, British Columbia

Office: Teaching Laboratory Building 8-434
Tel: 250.960.5985
Fax: 250.960.6533

I am a mesoscale meteorologist whose research mostly concerns windflow in complex terrain (i.e. in mountains and along coastlines) and environmental applications including dispersion of atmospheric pollutants in those regions. In persuing this theme my research group and I use both surface and Doppler Sodar observations, analytical models, and numerical models using RAMS mainly. These models are run on our new 128 processor opteron cluster and 64 processor altix 3000 shared memory server.

Before joining UNBC, between January 1992 and June 1995, I was Assistant Professor in the Geography Department at the University of Western Ontario. I have a BSc (1984) and PhD (1993) studying Atmospheric Science in the University of British Columbia's Geography Department. Between degrees, I was a meteorologist (weather forecaster) with the Meteorological Service of Environment Canada in Vancouver and Toronto.

I presently hold or have held research grants from a number of institutions including: NSERC , the Meteorological Service of Canada , the US Office of Naval Research , the McGregor Model Forest Association, the NRCan Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative, the BC Oil and Gas Commission, the BC Ministry of Environment, and others. I have been fortunate in obtaining equipment grants for a Scintec FAS64 phased array Doppler Sodar system from Canada Foundation for Innovation and BC Knowledge Development Fund; and with a group of 25 others for a scientific computing facility including a 64 processor SGI Altix 3000 Itanium-based shared memory compute server, and a 128 processor opteron-based cluster.

At UNBC I regularly teach the following atmospheric science courses:

At Environment Canada's Pacific Weather Center, I presently teach UBC ATSC 406 Operational Meteorology. I also (at times) teach part of NRES 705 Research Design and Methods. I am primarily associated, at the undergraduate level, with the Environmental Science BSc , the UNBC/UBC Environmental Engineering BASc and at the graduate level with the MSc (NRES) and PhD.

Updated July 6, 2007.