Photo Gallery

Mesoscale Alpine Programme Photos

Wipptal Valley, south of Innsbruck
Eisack valley, South Tirol, north station looking north
North station looking south, towards contraction
Eisack valley, South Tirol, sout station looking east across valley
Scintec FAS64 Doppler Sodar transducer array
Constructing extra accoustic shield at sodar in Eisack valley, South Tirol.
Downloading data from north station, Eisack valley.
NOAA P3 Aircraft used for research flights during MAP.
NOAA P3 hurricane and country record.
View of Innsbruck from P3 during a south foehn flight.
P3 cockpit just before diving through an opening in the foehn wall cloud on a south foehn mission at Brenner Pass, October 1999.
NOAA Lidar at Gedeir, Wipptal, North Tirol.
Bob Banta controlling Lidar.
Magdallena Rucker and Chris Jackson flying tethersonde in Wipptal to study slope flows.
Tethersonde instrument package detail.
Some natural hazards associated with field work in the Alps!

Howe Sound Gap Wind Study

10 m tower looking north at Finnisterre Island (northern tip of Bowen Island, Howe Sound, B.C.)

McGregor Model Forest Strong windflow study

Ross Benton, PFC, installing 10 m tower.
Setting up 3 m station in McGregor Model Forest.
Radian Echosonde Doppler Sodar installed on roof of CN Rain building in Prince George. Used to study dispersion of pollutants in valleys.